Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For M!

Fourth of July Fun on Grama's porch waiting for Fireworks!
Riley and Savannah canoeing!
Aunt Grace and I
Tommy was a hit! Who knew he could pogo!
The Beautiful sunset!
After Conan O'Brian
Jacqui and I at BBQ fest
The Brooklyn Bridge!

Hope everyones summer is going splendidly!!! Checking in after New York and well after half of the events I was looking forward to, haha!

New York was a blast and I absolutely love Hoboken, NJ where Jacqui lives. It is such an amazing family town, kiddies everywhere. I went to some great little boutiques (aka trouble). We ate at amazing hometown places including this one little Italian place where they have reservations already over a year in advance! We only got to eat since we got a spot at the bar, it was incredible food and I didn't get the boring pasta with red sauce either! I got something off the menu and didn't ask for any adjustments! The ladies that ran the place were great, told it like it was and didn't take no shit! I also tried sushi! Of course it was vegetarian but it was still sushi and it was amazing! I would love a sweet potato roll right now!
Jacqui and I went to Conan O'Brian and it was so much fun. Such a great and FREE thing to do there, you just have to call in advance to reserve tickets. We were really close to being on TV a couple times, shucks! And our friend Steven thought he heard me laugh, haha We went to the BBQ fest in Manhattan which was delicious and then went to a pub before we saw Sex in the City. The pub we just happened to wander into was where Carrie and Big first met was filmed, great start for the amazing movie! The next day we went to cross the Brooklyn Bridge (and if you saw the movie you would know why!) But we couldn't find where you could access it to walk across so we gave up since it was like a million degrees out! Overall we walked a guestimated 25 miles, no joke! I had blisters and a disgusted lady that gave me a pedicure to prove it. My flight ended up being canceled 5 minutes after I got to the airport, pissed! But it was great to spend another night and day with Jacqui, I miss her so much! P.S. my flight was delayed 3 hours when I got to the airport the next day too!- got a little tipsy in T.G.I.Fridays! I also read the book Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster, which was hilarious! She is an author from Chicago and the book is basically a huge blog. Highly recommend. Next for me is Kite Runner and Bright Lights Big Ass also by Jen Lancaster.

The 4th of July weekend was fun and nice and long! Grama's was a lot of fun and great food of course! I went to my cousin Stephanie and Ben's for a little while before to bring her over a good portion of my dvd collection since she is on bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy, prayers for Steph and the baby girl (middle name grace)!!! And to Danielles for a little while as well! Had to get back to grams for fireworks though, its her holiday!!! (she had a (two+) bloody mary's and was a little tipsy!). Saturday Tommy and I had a nice date night, went to dinner a movie and miniature golf (he won) and then I beat him in both hoops and ski ball (his former forte!). But it was really nice, every couple needs that every so often and we sure did!
Sunday we had a Rub family outing to Rich and Mary's place on the river. It was so much fun! Great to see family as always and everyones kids are getting so big, I can't believe it! I took some cousins jet skiing and I am still soar! (NOTE: need to exercise more) We went on the pontoon boat on the adults cruise and road back on the coolest tube with Margaret and Dan, so fun! Then went on the sunset cruise later on and the sunset was gorgeous! Had a great time with family as always, I love them all so much!
(Since I am still an amature, I can't get the pictures to go where I want them)

Well that's all for now! This weekend I am babysitting and then have Tommy's sister Jenny's baby shower! More later....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Live, Laugh, Love

Hmm lets give this thing a whirl!... I think that this is a good way to kind of vent and just keep people posted and I know I love reading them, so why not compose one myself when I have some extra time at work!

Looking forward to:
June 5th- Going to NYC to visit Jacqui
June 21st- Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban at Soldier Field

July 5th- Wrigley Field Tour- no I am not converted, it was a Valentines Day present for Tommy.
July 27th- Rib Fest, going to Miami with Tommy for work.

August 1st- Mark and Tiffany's Wedding

- 4 weddings down and I believe 5 to go!

Other than that nothing too exciting. I will report back when I get home from New York!